Vincenzo Giorgio, innkeeper and cook by passion

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January 22, 2023
vincenzo giorgio
The kitchen in my opinion
May 16, 2023

I love my job. I’m an innkeeper by passion and I never thought I could do anything else in my life. And I consider myself very lucky because I am also a cook. My wife Alfonsina will welcome you in the dining room. I’m mostly in the kitchen preparing what arrives at the table. But we both offer warm and familiar hospitality to those who come to visit us.


My story

The food and wine adventure begins early. I was little more than a teenager. And already at school I discovered a world to love unconditionally. After qualifying for the hotel, I immediately started working in the field. I first have got the hang as a waiter at the “Lanterna Blu” restaurant which, ironically, was located in the same rooms that have housed “La Cianciola” since 1998. Then I made my way into the kitchen. And I guessed through the fumes from the stove that this would be my future.


My dream

I have always had a clear idea in my mind, heart and brain. Having my own restaurant. A strong desire to perfect myself has constantly driven me. I had and I want to understand, confront me, go into details. I never get tired of looking around me with that healthy curiosity that drives me to observe, sniff, feel and taste. A food as well as a place. A story as well as a ritual. A tradition as well as a dish. I still study today, I like to update me and a pleasure I never give up is reading. Of food, of wine, of territory. Every challenge strengthens me and with the character I have, many tell me that I am of few words, weight and I value every gesture.


My slogan

The motto that has inspired me since the beginning, as I enjoy repeating not without a pinch of irony, has been and is “you learn by making mistakes”. I am firmly convinced, in fact, that only from mistakes can we become better. One must never lose sight of one’s goals and pursuing them with courage is part of my personality, reserved but always ready to question myself. Determination has never lacked me. Indeed, in the most difficult moments that I have lived, it has been my great strength.


Cetara, my love choice

I chose Cetara for my restaurant because the bond with my wife was and is irreplaceable. In life as in work. And from the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese I moved to the Amalfi Coast, a corner of paradise where sky, sea, earth and even the air we breathe has something divine about it. The Amalfi Coast is truly a place kissed by God and the man has only the possibility of improving what mother nature grants him.


The enhancement of the Cetara Pdo anchovies colatura

For years I have been busy in an intense activity of promotion and discoluse of the Cetara anchovies colatura, which obtained the Protected Designation of Origin in 2020. I am, in fact, among the founding members of the association for its enhancement, born in 2015 precisely with the aim of letting known the noble descendant of the Roman garum. I consider this product one of the most representative of our Cetarese identity, even before my history as a restaurateur. For me it remains one of the bulwarks of excellence with which defending an idea of ​​hospitality that always and in any case celebrates the territory.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Vincenzo Giorgio