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They are the triumph of the fish of the day with what comes from the vegetable gardens and farms of the Amalfi Coast

Five cooking anchovies

Crouton with stewed escarole and salted anchovies; marinated, fried and stuffed with smoked provola from Monti Lattari anchovies; parmigiana with anchovies and smoked provola from Monti Lattari

Cetara appetizer

Tuna panzanella with vegetables (in oil and pickled) and tuna in oil; marinated anchovies; seared tuna with white wine vinegar and mint vinaigrette; crouton with dried tomato, burrata cheese from Monti Lattari and salted anchovies

Sea salad scomposed

Boiled cuttlefish with vegetables in oil and corn; octopus with pickles; seared prawns

Sea nuances

Smoked, marinated, pickled and in oil fishes

Squids and potatoes

Squids fried in oil and garlic, then cooked with potatoes and tomato, strictly with the lid


First dishes

We prepare them with fresh or dried pasta, always selecting the best dies

Fried pacchero

Pacchero stuffed with creamed cod and smoked ricotta from Monti Lattari fried and served with a San Marzano tomato sauce and provolone del monaco Pdo’s flakes

Stuffed raviolo

Homemade raviolo stuffed with tuna, rocket and ricotta

Scialatiello allo scoglio

Homemade scialatiello with red corbarino tomatoes and yellow datterino tomatoes, shellfish and clams according to the generosity of the sea

Spaghetto con colatura di alici di Cetara

Spaghetti with fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic-scented oil, pine nuts, chilli pepper, Cetara Pdo anchovies colatura and freshly chopped parsley

Tubettoni “Vincenzo e Alfonsina”

Tubettoni with fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh anchovies, capers and pine nuts


Second dishes

Here too we enhance the Divine’s fish with the excellent products of our hills

Stewed fish fillet

Fresh white fish fillet cooked with cherry tomatoes, prawns, clams and sea water

Classic fry

Squids and shrimps

Salerno’s gulf mixed fry

Depending on the availability of the sea

White fish cooked in different ways

Baked fish of the day; with potatoes and olives; stewed with fresh cherry tomatoes; salted or grilled

Anchovies’ pie

Anchovies’ pie served with stewed endive and bread wafer

Possibility to taste also other seasonal dishes

Availability of menù for celiacs