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Vincenzo Giorgio and his wife Alfonsina

Since 1998 he has been taking care of their guests in the kitchen, she in the hall. At the table you can taste the Amalfi Coast. With its history of men, customs and sacrifices. Of creativity and curiosity. Vincenzo and Alfonsina talk about each dish. They explain the idea that takes shape by creating and recreating itself each time in a miraculously new way. They talk about dedication, heritage, research, good taste. They listen to the territory and its people. And they perpetuate the rituals with the personality and dexterity of those who thinks about making a dream come true.

Vincenzo Giorgio

I am a lucky host because I am also a cook. Seasonality, authenticity, territoriality and freshness keep me company. I am one of the founding members of the Cetara Dop Anchovies Colatura Association, founded in 2015 to value the noble descendant of the Roman garum.

Cetara, a choice
of love

After qualifying at the hotel school, Vincenzo Giorgio begins work in the field. He starts as a waiter, then collaborates in the kitchen. And he realizes that this is his future. The love for Alfonsina does the rest and it moves him from the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese to the Amalfi Coast.