The kitchen in my opinion

vincenzo giorgio ristorante la cianciola
Vincenzo Giorgio, innkeeper and cook by passion
May 16, 2023
Cetara, the town of anchovies’ colatura!
June 14, 2023

My cooking philosophy has a double common thread. On the one hand, it is based on simplicity; on the other, on the respect for the excellent raw material of the Amalfi Coast. In fact, I believe in an authentic and sincere proposal, capable of expressing and exalting local products. I go to look for them with curiosity and enthusiasm in the first person. For me, shopping is a sacred moment that marks the beginning of my days every day. From fish to vegetables, from pasta to oil, every ingredient I bring with me to the restaurant must smell of authenticity.


The emotion in the kitchen

“Cooking fascinates me: it is capable of renewing an emotional exchange when it is told”. It is a thought that contains an idea that I have always cultivated. The dividing line between feeding and being fed passes through this concept. I cook also and above all to refresh the soul of those who taste it. I am guided by the emotions that I feel first of all myself and that I transmit through my dishes. I entrusted the task of telling them to my wife Alfonsina who takes care of the dining room. And I often enjoy chatting with my guests to collect their impressions.


The story of the dishes

Explaining how a dish takes shape, creating and recreating itself each time in a miraculously new way, is a special pleasure to which we reserve the utmost attention. As well as talking about dedication, heritage, research, good taste. Listening to the territory and its people is the starting point. And perpetuating their rituals with a passion that is renewed every day is a great privilege of which we are proud.


The four souls of my philosophy

I never feel alone at the stove. To keep me company every day there are seasonality, authenticity, territoriality and freshness. These are my essential references. And since we opened “La Cianciola” in 1998, I have wanted to bring the Amalfi Coast to the table. With its history of men, customs and sacrifices. The tradition remains the essential prerequisite from which I start, even if I also like to insert a touch of innovation. The sea and the hills of the Amalfi Coast are my supply basins because identity and a sense of belonging are never abstract concepts.


Come to Cetara!

What else to add? My wife and I are at “La Cianciola” every day, ready to welcome you to our restaurant on the port of Cetara. The town is a small fishing village which is still famous today for fishing for tuna and anchovies and for the production of colatura. To taste it, we invite you to come and visit us! We will let you savor a relaxing multi-sensory experience, with the background of a unique panorama in the world by its very nature!


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